Selection from Children’s Day Assembly六一作品展


Looking back at our Children’s Day celebration assembly last week, we have a selection of work from our young poets and artists posted on the reception bulletin board to show you. From the kids’ eyes, you can see how confident and proud they are of themselves for having their work displayed for you all to see. So let’s take a closer look at some snapshots captured of some moments of our teachers and students working closely together.


Harry, Momo, Edward, Justin, Henry, and Alina from teacher Melissa’s class. We can see they are closely working with Melissa, the principal and art teacher Zoe.

Brayden, Arthur, Lambert, Eric, Stefan Su, Stefan Yang, Evelyn, and Olivia, from teacher Lee’s class. We can see they are closely working with the principal and teacher Lee.


Chloe, Olivia, Vivi, Sam, Jane, Ivy and both Angelas. We can see they are closely working with teacher Jenna.


Jason and Prince from teacher Shane’s class.


This page was last edited on June 9, 2021