Are you ready for Halloween?


As you are aware, Halloween is approaching. The students are getting very excited for this annual event. We will celebrate Halloween on Friday 30 th October in school. We kindly ask that all students dress up as scarily as possible for this spooky event. There will be prizes for the spookiest costumes.

    Photos will be taken and sent home, and students are welcome to bring some small sweets/gifts for “Trick or Treat”.


      如您所知,万圣节即将来临。学生们对这个一年一度的活动感到异常兴奋。我们将在 10 月 30 日星期五在学校举行庆祝万圣节的活动。



Ding ~ your Halloween activity schedule has been announced!



I’m ready!

This page was last edited on December 18, 2020