Tracking Back to First Halloween Party At EtonHouse Dalian


Halloween is a traditional festival in the western countries on October 31. To celebrate Halloween, kids will dress up as all sorts of cute ghosts to knock on doors, asking trick or treat. It is said that all kinds of ghosts will dress up as children and join the masses to celebrate Halloween, while humans dress up as ghosts to make them more harmonious.

On Wednesday the 31st of October EtonHouse Dalian celebrated their first Halloween together.

Anticipation started to build two weeks before, with the arrival of the student’s costumes at their houses, choose suitable costumes and candy share with their friends.

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On Wednesday morning the children were greeted at the gate by Death, a Zombie monkey, a witch, along with a range of other costumes that the teachers wore. The day was filled with laughter and joy. The children wore their costumes for most of the day, participating in imaginary play and fantasy games.

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The big event was in the afternoon. Parents were invited to come in and celebrate with us. Also donning some amazing costumes. Vampire family, skeleton family, and wizard family all add to the fun.

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After a group photo, children and parents where given the chance to socialise on the school field, taking lots of photos. The sound of laughter rung around the school, as children ran around spending time with their friends.

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We finally finished in the cafeteria, sharing some spooky snacks with each other (finger biscuits, Spider cupcakes, Bat biscuits, and orange juice).

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