EtonHouse International School · Dalian Birthday Celebration


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of EtonHouse International Education Group. What started as a mother’s dream 25 years ago became the passion of a group of dedicated educators. Today, 25 years after founding the school, EtonHouse gradually grew from a humble pre-school into an international education group with over a hundred schools across a dozen countries.

Today, we hold an internal EtonHouse 25th Anniversary Virtual Gala event with more than 4,000 EtonHouse staff from around the world to celebrate this momentus occasion.



Educators believe EtonHouse is the cradle of children’s growth and plays a vital role in building compassion, responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. It can make a solid foundation for children’s future. Even a simple action, people do more that can change the world. As the group grew in size, helping children who couldn’t study at EtonHouse became a shared aspiration. Under the leadership of the group, EtonHouse is working for this goal.


The story of EtonHouse was written by a team of educational experts, management teams, students, parents and alumnus. On the occasion of the Twenty-fifth anniversary of Eton’s founding, the members of EtonHouse Dalian sincerely wish the Group can accompany students and move forward with them on the road, create a more brilliant future toghter!



This page was last edited on December 17, 2020