Dalian EtonHouse International School — Happy Halloween!


Halloween comes! Students spread their wings of imaginations and make full preparetions for the day! The jack-o’-lanterns give you a sense of scary moment when you enter the school.


What makes the atmosphere more terrifying are the students and teachers dressed in costumes! Look, there’s a Wizard, and God of Death! OMG, don’t scare when you see the kids!


Trick or treat


Children dressed in all kinds of scary clothes and asked for candies. They constantly said “trick or treat”. If you don’t give them any candies, children must “Trick or Treat”.

孩子们穿着各式各样稀奇古怪的服装,挨家挨户索要糖果,并且不停地说“trick or treat”(不给糖就捣蛋)。要是你不肯给糖果的话,孩子们可能真的会捣蛋哦 ~

Happy Halloween, see you next year


This page was last edited on December 18, 2020