Children’s Day Celebration Assembly at EtonHouse Dalian伊顿大连六一庆典


The most anticipated Children’s Day June 1st took place today. A special assembly was organised to celebrate the day with our students and staff. Richard Woods, principal of Dalian EtonHouse, gave a special speech to kick start the celebrations. He said, “It’s a great a privilege to be involved in all our students, helping them all to learn, grow and develop.”

Last week, all our students raised their hands to show they wanted to participate and actively engage in the day’s celebrations. Let’s have a quick look how these young artists impressed us today! The performances started with Jason Wu, who is a year 9 student from Teacher Shane’s class. He skillfully played an inspiring melody, which instantly mesmerised the audience. Once Jason finished with a bow, it was Evelyn who is a year 4 student ,turned to sing “You Are My Sunshine”. She showed immense bravery, for the first time doing a solo in front of an audience. Our Chinese teacher Mandy then led her group of poets, who confidently read out self-written poems. After the students’ performance, our principal issued special certificates to the self-portrait competition winners, which were recently completed in art class. Look how proud they were! Undoubtedly, gift time is always the highlight of the event! All kids were curious and excited about the surprise gift, which lay hidden behind the curtain. One by one the students came up to receive their special Children’s Day gift. A lot of smiling faces were present throughout the auditorium. Another successful event had been held at EtonHouse Dalian!! We value every pupil’s potential and curiosity, as we all believe we are all born with these gifts within us.

孩子们翘首以盼的六一儿童节今天终于到来了。大连伊顿外籍人员子女学校全体师生共同举办了六一庆祝活动。校长Richard Wood的精彩致辞为此次活动打开了序幕。他说道可以伴随学生并去帮助他们学习,成长和发展是一种荣幸。

在上周的课堂中,我们所有的孩子都高举手臂跃跃欲试希望参与到节日活动中。快来看看我们的伊顿小艺术家们今天的才艺展示吧!Shane 老师班九年级的学生Jason Wu 运用娴熟的钢琴技巧演绎了激动人心的旋律感染了每一位观众。在Jason鞠躬表演完毕后,四年级的Eveyln为大家带来了歌曲“ You Are My Sunshine”。 她展现出了惊人的勇气因为这是她第一次在观众面前独唱。紧接着我们的中文老师Mandy也带领着她的小作家们进行了自创诗朗诵。学生演出结束后,校长为自画像比赛获胜的学生颁发了艺术证书。看看他们有多自豪!!最兴奋的环节礼物时间到啦!!所有孩子都在好奇和兴奋得猜问着他们将收到什么样的惊喜礼物,这些礼物被提前藏在了桌布的下面,孩子们一个接着一个上来领取这份特殊的节日礼物,一张张纯真的笑脸展现在整个礼堂。这又是一场成功的大连伊顿校区活动!我们珍惜每个学生的潜力和好奇心,因为我们都相信这是与生俱来的。



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